Aspect Tarot

Do you need a new perspective on your situation? 

Intuitive, empathic tarot readings can provide guidance and clarity when we are stuck in our life path or facing a challenging obstacle. 

The way we talk about life has tremendous power. We define our dreams and the acts we will take to fulfill those dreams through words and thoughts. We describe the challenges that we must confront. We interpret major events as experiences that either weaken us or make us stronger. We shape our encounters with the people who will teach, challenge or love us. 

Who are you?

Our role in the story is always shifting. Who are we in this moment? How should we prepare for the future? When will the world need us to be a hero? A lover? A caregiver? A philosopher? A leader? 

Who am I?

Sean Lambert became fascinated with the Tarot more than twenty years ago, discovering his first deck of cards at New Age Books & Crystals when he moved to Calgary in 1993. Ten years ago, Sean met Janine Morigeau, a gifted Tarot reader and psychic counsellor, who encouraged him to follow his intuition and read Tarot professionally. Since then, Sean has continued to study the power of storytelling and archetypes as they relate to the Tarot; he understands its power to guide and provide insight into the challenges and adventures we face. 


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Intuitive, empathic tarot readings

I was taught that everyone finds the Tarot reader that works for them. With this in mind, I am comfortable in saying that my perspective on Tarot is different than that of many other readers. The biggest point of departure is when I say this: 

"I don't believe everything happens for a reason." 

Everything we experience shapes who we are―who we will become. All of the people we meet, all of the events we live through have a hand in making us who we are. But it is our consciousness, the choices we make, the thoughts we have and how we act on those thoughts that give them meaning. Reason is not something handed to us by the universe. It is something we choose. 

The biggest challenge in all of this is perspective. It is astoundingly difficult to get out of our own heads and see a situation clearly. This is where Tarot can provide crucial insight, helping us to deal with what's going on right now and prepare us for what's next. The cards reveal characters and patterns in our lives. They reveal our life trajectory. Perceptions that sit just on the outside of our conscious thoughts. When we see our questions laid out before us―a top-down view of the situation―the answers often seem obvious. For those more elusive problems, this perspective may instead lead us to ask more insightful questions, changing how we interact with others, giving us a more informed approach to a difficult situation, or providing us with the motivation and determination we require to move us forward. 

My clients are people who want to take a hand in creating their future―individuals who want to be present and in the moment, rather than bystanders who are knocked around by life events.

What to Expect During Your Reading


You determine the pace of the session, the questions that are asked, and how much information you want to share with me. There is no set formula for what your reading will look like. I employ a wide range of spreads or layouts as each provides insight and context depending on the individual and the question. We can explore a specific question or relationship. Or, we can view many aspects of your life simultaneously. Looking at a general overview of where you are, we can then use those discoveries to focus in on new questions. 

My first priority is always your well being and enhancement of your self-understanding. I will be transparent in all of my interactions with you. If you ask a question that I believe exceeds my capabilities, I will admit my limitations. All readers have their own unique skills and talents. I am happy to refer you to another reader if I feel their abilities are a better fit.  All of my prices are transparent and are based on time and the location of the reading. You will never be charged any additional fees for products or services. 


"I'll never know, and neither will you, of the life you don't choose. We'll only know that whatever that sister life was, it was important and beautiful and not ours. It was the ghost ship that didn't carry us. There's nothing to do but salute it from the shore." 
― Cheryl Strayed, Tiny Beautiful Things